Our company

Fly tying has been in practice for over 70 years in Kenya and therefore becoming a source of income to both fly tiers and flies suppliers.

It was introduced to Kenya by a white settler Mr. S.D Whetham in the 1940s and later, Other companies were introduced ,

One of the companies that was introduced was called fishing priority among many others, and That’s where I started my career as a fly tier in the year 1994,

I worked in several fly tying companies and gained more and more experience and I too developed a desire of being a flies supplier due to the high increase of fly tiers,

I started searching for a flies buyer and In the year 2002 I received my first fly order from a Company known as sierra flies company from California, I later registered My company Elburgon flies supply with the Kenyan government to help me do genuine business.

After this first order experience, I have managed to work for other flies suppliers in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.

What has kept us moving is the fact that we guarantee and deliver premium quality flies to our buyers .

Our fly tiers are well trained to give the fly buyer the quality they need in a fly, More have been said about the quality of flies, But even the quality Umpqua or Orvis flies that they talk about are tied in Africa and mostly in Kenya, Not forgetting the prices difference between us and them.

Our hooks are strong and durable, chemically sharpened and we source them from Norway, Japan, Korea, France and China.

Our materials are hand selected and the colors used reflects the real insect .

Supervision while processing our flies is our major priority, Without a qualified supervisor, You don’t get a quality fly. We sell our flies in pieces and allow clients to order any quantity that they are capable of.

We also tie custom patterns . In case you have your fly tying materials and hooks , We can offer tying services for you .

Our categories includes :

Dry flies, Wet flies, Streamers flies, Bead head flies, Tungsten bead head flies, Bass flies, Foam flies, Terrestrials flies, Eggs flies, Salmon flies, Saltwater flies, Tandem flies, Pike flies, Pike tandem flies, Epoxy flies, Buzzer flies, Bass poppers,

A fly tied well with the wrong materials is better than a fly tied poorly with the correct materials. The poorly tied fly will fall off immediately .

You need a quality fly I know, Not forgetting the price too. Buy it here now and make a difference and end the long term problem of quality you have been complaining about.