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Source of quality trout fly fishing flies in Kenya.

Wholesale and retail trout fly fishing flies suppliers in Kenya

Buy premium quality trout fly fishing flies from Elburgon flies supply , A Kenya Supplier of premium quality fly patterns.
When you buy from us , You benefit from :-
  • Chemically sharpened strong durable hooks
  • Premium quality flies.
  • Flies tied by qualified fly tiers .
  • Prices that starts at 0.35 a fly.
  • Barbless & barbed flies patterns available .
  • Wholesale and retails  to suite your requirements.
  • Assorted flies packs available .
  • Free shipping on all orders worldwide.
Our flies are tied by qualified fly tiers and the quality control is ensured to bring to reality the urge of the anglers need of a quality fly when fishing. 'Nothing disappoints fishing flies buyers than to see a poor quality fly after a few casts on water .'
Our team also ensures that the hooks used to tie your flies are strong and durable.
Japan,Norway, France ,China and Korea fly hooks are widely used on dressing the flies,
The materials used are hand selected, The colors that we use reflects the insect in mind. and most of all, The winding up of the fly itself is quality controlled, You don't have to miss this flies in your fishing fly box when going fishing.
The prices factor have been looked at, Compared to our competitors, We offer lower prices on retail flies, Not forgetting the quality of the flies, 
We have plenty of premium quality fly fishing flies patterns like the tungsten bead head flies,special flies,bead head nymph flies,streamers flies,wet flies,tube flies,pike tandem flies,foam flies,woven flies,bullet head flies,steel head salmon flies,glo bug egg flies,bass bug flies,dry flies,saltwater flies,epoxy minnows flies,pike flies,assorted flies and stone flies.
We also charge tying and shipping fee for any flies buyer willing to supply us with his/her fly tying materials and hooks.'
No doubt, Buying a selection of this flies will bring you to the reality of what we offer ,

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We offer the best quality fly fishing flies worldwide

We have wholesale as well as retail fishing flies to suit any buyer

We are committed to our work and therefore gives the best services a client needs

We offer free shipping as well as paid shipping for bulk and retail buyers

Who we are :

Compared to other flies shops , We have unique services for our clients, We have wholesale and retail flies for all our clients. We ship flies for free and paid services are given to those who need courier services.

We offer custom fishing flies orders to clients with their own fly models.

We sell in bulks and in small quantities .

We deliver our fishing flies worldwide.

We have many fishing flies categories for clients to choose from.

Buy from us to get this services and quality fishing flies.